Dr Al Jaber – MBAN President – speaker at EBAF 2014

Panel 6: Accelerators 3.0: Do the startups need only finance?

European Business Angels Investment Forum brought together the best European SME, public and corporate early stage market players currently working in collaboration to ease the access to finance for SMEs and entrepreneurs on the 15th and 16th of December in Turkey. The forum also introduced new collaborations between SME’s, entrepreneurs and public organisations to address equity gap challenges and solutions.

EBAN, TBAA – Business Angels Association of Turkey, Forbes l Para Confrences and Borsa Istanbul – The Stock Exchange of Istanbul aim to keep the momentum going and will work together to develop new financial instruments to bring more access to finance for innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s across Europe.


Moderator: Dr Recep Bildik, Director, Private Market of Borsa Istanbul, Turkey

Michel Coster, Director, EMLyon Business School Incubation Center, France

Kenan Colpan, Directır, Istanbul Technical University Innovation Center, Turkey

Dr Abdul Malik Al Jaber, Founer & CEO of Arabreneur Acceleration Center, Jordan

Adriane Thrash, Co-founder of Innovation Farm, Greece

Nurettin Gundogmus, Director of Corporate Finance in Aktif Investment Bank, Turkey

Key information:

Accelerators will become more important than today in the very near future.Angel investors will forward startup applications to acceleration centers where they will be checked professionally to understand if they are investment ready startups.

Acceleration centers are going to be accepted as an institutional angel-investor in the future since they are realizing all functions of angel investors.

Startups will not come to angel investor first but will go to acceleration centers first in the future. Because they will understand that acceleration centers are high ways of the access to smart money (angel investors).


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